Portalegre and
Castelo de Vide

February, 16th-18th 2024



February 16, 2024 2:13 am

Access to Almojanda saturday Access to Saturday’s stage – Almojanda must be done via the national road N119 direction Crato->Portalegre (west->east). The authorities will be ensuring that there is no circulation in the opposite direction from Frangoneiro. For those coming from Portalegre, take the IC13 until the Pisão exit.You must...

Quarantine WRE Sprint – Elite classes

February 15, 2024 6:44 pm

In the WRE Sprint stage in Portalegre, there is mandatory quarantine only for the Elite classes (WE and ME):Exterior Pavilion of Escola Secundária de S. Lourenço, with access from the side of the school, from 14:00 pm on Saturday.https://maps.app.goo.gl/5PsWeWoWmMET89V46


February 15, 2024 4:57 am

Campervans can park at: Ermda Sr. Aflitos39.262400, -7.513800https://maps.app.goo.gl/NowHnaDMtoS9e5tUA or nearby Estádio Municipal Portalegreor nearby Piscinas Castelo de Vide


February 15, 2024 4:44 am

Municipal Stadium Portalegre (saturday)39.275000, -7.426000https://maps.app.goo.gl/3nnS149p8bn7BBLg7 School EB Cristóvão Falcão (saturday and sunday)39.3002000 -7.4330000https://maps.app.goo.gl/obc4MonnhCkTHNEU7


February 15, 2024 4:33 am

Opens friday 20h00. School EB Cristóvão Falcão 39.3002000 -7.4330000 https://maps.app.goo.gl/obc4MonnhCkTHNEU7


February 14, 2024 11:01 pm

Startlists published.


February 14, 2024 10:52 pm

Updated the program and published information about the Pre-O stage. https://gd4caminhos.com/temp/NAOM24_PRE-O_en.pdf

NAOM 2024 Training Camp

December 26, 2023 10:04 pm

Start the 2024 season with the best clubs in the world, by participating in a Training Camp around Castelo de Vide (NAOM areas).  From January until March 2024 we will have 22 brand new trainings (15 in the forest and 7 sprints) available. Don´t miss this chance to train with...

NAOM 2024

December 4, 2023 12:19 pm

Welcome to NAOM 2024! From the 16th until the 18th of February 2024, GD4C will organize NAOM 2024 in Portalegre and Castelo de Vide. With two new forest maps, you will surely have a high technical challenge and fun competitions. Additionally, a sprint in the old town of Portalegre will...


February 10, 2023 9:46 pm

First stage, middle distance Vale do LoboParking in the arena is limited, you can also park on the side of the road, in a north-south direction (Castelo de Vide -> Alagoa).There will be a traffic cut in Alagoa from 8:00 onwards, so you must access the race venue through Castelo...