Viana City Race

25 de Junho 2023


1. How should I proceed to register?

Preferably use the online portal Alternatively, you can use the e-mail that you will find in the enrollment link on the competition website menu: [email protected]
You can also use the mobile phone +351 917959071.

2. What should I mention when registering?

You must mention your name, date of birth, ID document number, and mobile number. In case of participating in a group, indicate the same data for all the elements of the group.

3. How should I proceed to pay for registrations?

You should pay on the online registration portal (by credit card, Paypal, MBway) to simplify the collection of your documents on the day of the competition. As an alternative you can send the corresponding amount by bank transfer (IBAN: PT50003602959910000117727). Registration fees are mentioned in the registration link on the event website.

4. Can non-federated participants participate in competition courses?


5. What type of clothing should be used for the test?

Although experienced athletes use specific equipment, for those who are going to complete a route for the first time, you can wear sports clothes or tracksuits and wear sports shoes with a floor with some grip. We also recommend clothes and shoes to change at the end if necessary.

6. What types of utensils can participants take with them to run the test?

For the help of the participants, they can only carry a compass.

7. Does the organization provide a compass for participants?

The compass is the responsibility of the participants. The organization does not provide compasses to participants, but you can purchase a good quality one at the event arena.

8. How is the proof control carried out?

The race will be controlled electronically through the Sport Ident control system. Each participant or group must carry an electronic card (chip). You can consult instructions for use at:

9. How should I pick up the SI card?

The SI Card will be placed in the respective envelope of the club or individual participant where there will be a nominal list for assignment to each participant. Participation with a chip that does not match the list provided by the organization will result in disqualification.

10. If I don’t complete the course, what should I do?

You must always go through arrivals and download your chip and hand it in.