General Information



Youth(-16) M/W 2004 to 2007
Junior (-20) M/W 2000 to 2003
Seniores M/W 1981 to 1999
Veterans M/W 1966 to 1980
Super Veterans M/W 1956 to 1965
Ultra Veterans  M/W 1946 to 1955
Hiper veterans  M/W 1945 or before
Formação 2008 or later
Open Ciasses YEAR OF BIRTH
Open Short Any age, sex, individually or in groups
Open Medium Any age, sex, individually or in groups
Open Long Any age, sex, individually or in groups

Arena, event centre, Start, Finish and Babysitting:

May 22th
Campus Tecnológico de Ramalde
Coordinates: 41°10’34.2″N 8°39’27.0″W | 41.176156, -8.657503

May 23th:
Pavilion of the Água – City Park
Coordinates: 41°10’17.3″N 8°40’35.5″W | 41.171483, -8.676519

May 24th:
Barão Nova Sintra
Coordinates: 41°08’39.6″N 8°35’25.4″W | 41.144330, -8.590377

May 22th – There is no car park, and participants.
May 23th – There is parking in city Park.
May 24th – There is no car park. It is advisable to use public transport.

Hard floor and Baths: 
Only participants enrolled in the Orioasis platform will be accepted.
At the entrance of the school they must identify themselves with the bib number of the event.

The babysitting will be installed in the arena in the three days of the event.

there will be no bar service in the arena during the three days of the event.

– Medallion for the first three athletes of every class, except for the Men/Women Elite class where prizes will be given to the first five athletes.
–  Gourmet Products ( Minerva canned fish, Poças Junior Port Wine, Paupério Biscuits, Fadista Olive Oil)

Public transport:
May 22th – Bus –  Metro (line : A,B,C,D,E – Sete Bicas station)
May 23th – Metro: Line: A – Exit: Matosinhos ,Bus STCP:
May 24th – Bus
Porto Bus Network
Metro – System Map 


Accommodation / Tourism


[email protected]
+351 936264216

Other Information:

– A custom bib will be delivered at the event secretary to all the athletes.
– All athletes must download their SI card after finish the race;
– Competition regulation according to FPO and IOF;
– SportIdent is the official electronic event control system in Portugal;
– Water and other food will be given to every participant at the end of their races;
– Official Results will be published at oficial website